30min Bootcamp Sessions

  • Metafit Bodyweight training system
  • 30 minute high intense interval training
  • Challenging and adaptable for all fitness levels

How does it work?

We start with a mobility warm up, and then focus on a functional, 3D workout: a combination of strength, plyometric and core exercises, with incomplete rest periods. The idea is to go as hard as you can in each interval reaching maximum exertion.

Why do we do this?

To work big muscle groups functionally and burn more calories in a short space of time.We deplete glycogen stores, to create a debt to the body which it has to replenish. And we create a metabolic disturbance as the metabolism dictates how many calories we can burn.

Why is the Resting Metabolic Rate important?

  • RMR accounts for 65-75% of calories burnt
  • The majority of calories stored as body fat are used at rest
  • Increasing your RMR is the best way to increase your fat burning potential
  • After a metafit workout your RMR will remain elevated for a minimum of 24hours

What role does lean muscle play in RMR?

  • 1lb of lean muscle requires 50 calories per day to survive, therefore increasing lean muscle mass increases calorie output and metabolism
  • Humans lose 2-4% of their lean muscle mass every 10years after the age of 25
  • As a result of this loss of muscle the metabolism slows down by 5% every 10years

Lean muscle mass & metabolism are intrinsically linked (source: John Berardi and Ryan Andrews

“The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition )

How does metafit increase RMR?

  • Maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass
  • Taking advantage of the EPOC effect

What is EPOC: The after burn effect?

  • “Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption” is the effect that you get after a workout
  • EPOC is your body returning to a state of rest after physical exertion
  • This effect varies depending on the intensity of the workout
  • High intensity workouts increase EPOC more than any other type of training!

Metafit uses Lean Muscle & EPOC to burn fat!

  • Metafit is not performed in the ‘fat burning zone’
  • We are aiming to deplete glycogen stores in the muscles and maximise EPOC to burn fat during recovery
  • You WILL NOT burn fat during your metafit workout
  • You WILL increase your RMR & preserve muscle mass : which as we have seen, is the single most effective way of burning fat

I hope you will be joining us soon for a 30min HIIT workout 🙂

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