Cardio or Weights?


I say do whatever makes you happy! If u hate running then don’t do it.

Obviously, there are heaps of benefits for your health if you do run, as well as all exercise but you have to enjoy it. And I think the real question is what outcome or result are you actually looking for? And if it’s fat loss then no you don’t have to do cardio and you most definitely don’t have to run.

Some people love to run and of course, it’s great for heart, lungs and overall health but it’s not so important for fat loss and I think this is where a lot of women go wrong. They spend hours sweating it out on the treadmill wondering why they still don’t have the body they desire.

I personally have to push myself to run long distance but when it’s over I feel amazing. It allows my mind time to think, even if it is “must reach the other side without stopping” lol and we all know we’ve been there! But it is a powerful thing to just be able to run out the door when your body is willing and able and you get out into the fresh air.

It would be great to be able to run at the moment, leave the baby at home and just sprint out the door. But these boobs just won’t allow it! lol! But seriously!

Anyways point of the story! Strength training is going to give you the best bang for your buck, the more muscle we have the more fat we can burn and unfortunately the older we get the more our muscles start to deteriorate. We need to keep building them up, even just to keep a nice base for general health into our older years.

So if we work on building muscle, we can live longer, be stronger, have a leaner body, carry the shopping, pick up the kids and have a nice lifted butt! 😆 what more could you ask for!

So before you head out for a run or start slogging away on the treadmill remember why you are doing it. If it’s not for your enjoyment then go pick up the weights instead.

PS when this photo was taken I had not done any cardio for over 6 months, I was only lifting weights and I was probably in the best shape I’ve ever been!

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Bridgette Carter

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