July – fIT girl of the month

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Massive congratulations to Alex Patrick for winning the SUPER fIT GIRL of the month!

Considering Alex has not been training with us at Bridge Fitness for a huge amount of time, she has absolutely blown us away with her focus, attitude and determination. Alex always gives 110% in every single session, wanting to lift heavier, run faster and push herself to her max. She makes sure that as soon as she gets in that room to train, she is ready to give her best effort and get the most out of her workout. I’m sure everyone who’s trained with her will agree!

A pleasure to train, keep up the hard work Alex, you’re absolutely smashing it!

We decided to have a bit of a chat with Alex to find out a bit more about her experience and what makes her so awesome! See her responses below 🙂


What is your favourite thing about training with Bridge Fitness?

 Can I have a top three?! 

1. The variety of sessions (always a new challenge!);

2. The very supportive, inclusive and encouraging trainers – Hannah, Penny and Bridge are terrific and I love the way they have different exercises for people who are new to exercise or getting back into it after an injury. It means everyone can come along and be challenged; and

3. Training outside on the beach and watching the day start (well, watching it from the window in Winter!)


What’s your favourite and least favourite exercise?

Favourite: Accumulator!!

Least favourite: Squat thrusters – my hips hate them!


What has been the biggest change you’ve observed since becoming active?

 I feel so much more energetic (and like I have earned my little treats – exercise helps me earn the odd cocktail or two….)


How did you first hear about Bridge Fitness?

 I was running along Elwood beach one morning and saw the group exercising on the foreshore – it looked like fun, so I called my friend and fellow Elwood resident Jane and suggested we go along. We haven’t looked back!


One piece of life advice you’d like to share?

 Life’s too short to drink bad wine….

 Thank you!


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