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Hi Lovely ladies,
So I know you’re all super pumped to start the next Challenge smile emoticon
I’m calling it the MOVE, YOUR, BODY CHALLENGE! Thats right the aim of the game is to move as much as possible and shake off any extra winter kgs by eating super healthy, so you can look and feel the best come Summer!
So I’ve changed a few this up to hopefully keep everyone focussed, as I know its coming into the silly season. Firstly I’ve broken it down from a 6 week challenge to a 20 day challenge. There are only 3 weeks until December!! My Gosh!! So we begin Monday 9th and end on Saturday 28th November.
We are not going to team up this time it will be a personal challenge as I know a few of you are going away etc so I just think it will just be easier, and as its short and sharp we can stay focussed with a big prize at the end for the winner!
As I mentioned we are adding a points system to help keep you accountable. The aim is to get 5 points every day! 1 Point for each of the following:
1. No Sugar
2. No Processed/Packaged Foods
3. No Alcohol
4. Limited Grains – 30 grams per day
5. Minimum of 20 min of exercise or mobility/stretching each day
Bonus Points will be awarded for those who post food or exercise evidence photos, recipes and any other motivation to show your progress and help keep everyone on track!
I will post daily motivation, workouts, tips to keep you accountable etc. and I want you to comment on my post with your daily points tally and pics etc each night.
For example – today I get 5 points! I am the best smile emoticon (add picture of my breaky lunch and dinner all in the ONE comment)
There will be a prize for one awesome winner who smashes their results and also gets the highest number of points! The prize will include a free month of training to kick off the new year, $100 voucher for new sporty outfit, protein and good green stuff from NuZest, plus a few more goodies!
Soo who’s in for 20 days?? We kick off Monday, however the fitness assessment will be tomorrow! Plus we have yoga from 8am with Beth!
Look forward to seeing you all there!

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