What if it's Cold & Dark Outside?
What if it's Cold & Dark Outside?


Q: “What if it’s Cold and Dark outside?”


As a personal trainer I am compelled to say ‘It’s only Cold if you’re standing still’ 😉

…I’d be lying though, if I said, it wasn’t a struggle to part with my warm blanket on a cold Melbourne morning to arrive ready to a 6am session.

My tips?
Put on your biggest jumper and sing “the cold never bothered my anywayyyyyyy” (Elsa – Frozen).

You may be tempted to hibernate, but rest assured it’s worth it!

Regular exercise will make you feel energetic, which should make it easier to get out of bed. Your body’s defences, mood and your overall wellbeing will also benefit.

Melbourne is seldom unbearably cold. Sub-zero temperatures occur on about 6 x winter mornings every year. Even when it is cold, our Bridge Fitness team is keeping everybody warm using “renewable” energy…(your own!!)

Any more questions feel free to ask.

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