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As much as I would love love LOVE to say exercise is the be all and end all to getting you results. Unfortunately its just not the case!

I would say 80% to 90% or your results comes from how you fuel your body. I like to think of my body like an engine or good sports car, lol.

Think about what a good sports car is fuelled with. Premium petrol to allow the car maximum kilometres and to keep the engine clean right? So its the same with our bodies. We want to fuel them with clean healthy whole foods to give us loads of energy to get through our day and we want healthy insides so that our body is lean and fit.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all about enjoying life and having as much fun as possible especially enjoying all the fabulous foods this great city has to offer. However I like to stick to the good stuff 80% of the time and only allow myself to relax more when I have planned dinner dates with friends or even just a planned lazy nights in.

Most of the time we know in advance when we have a function on or we know what our week looks even if we are planning on staying in. The key here is planning out your treats so that they don’t happen everyday unexpectedly.

I like to go to the market on a Sunday and plan my weeks worth of meals so that I have everything I need and I am not leaving any room for slip ups. When planning out my meals I always focus on protein first. So am I having fish, eggs, chicken etc. Second thing is fiber which you can get from all your whole fruits and veggies. Third is fats like avocado, nuts and oils and additional carbs like quinoa, rice etc.

So to sum everything up, fuelling your body with the proper nutrients will give you the energy to get your workout done so you can have success! And thats what its all about!

All Bridge Fitness members have access to nutrition coaching throughout their program and this is where we see the best results.

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