September – Super Fit Girl


Gill has been training with us for exactly ONE year and has been nothing but a pleasure to workout with. She always gets in there and gives it her all and most importantly she is so positive and is enjoying the process of becoming healthier, fitter and getting stronger.

I’m sure you have probably all seen her kicking ass in training and making a few appearances in my IG and FB posts recently for her extra commitments to running.

Congratulation babe! We love your energy and you are such an inspiration to us all.

Lets hear what Gill has to say…


How did you first hear about Bridge Fitness?


Well, over a year ago I was reaching out to local Bootcamps and nothing was catching my eye. As luck would have it, I received a really sweet text message late one Sunday night from a person we all love called Bridgette. If by now the suspense is killing you & you wondered what happened next, it’s a nail bitter… hold on… I joined up for the 20-day challenge & fast-forward a year I could never be healthier & Happier.


What is your favourite thing about training with Bridge Fitness?


Is the culture of the group! I feel well supported and challenged & honestly made some really beautiful friendships which I know will stand the test of time!


What motivates you to be so awesome? 


My parents. This fitness journey for me has put a lot of things into perspective, I have struggled with my weight my whole life and it would hold me back from time to time! Every time I feel like quitting because its hard or I don’t think I can run one more minute, my parents pop into my head, they have never pushed me to be anything other than myself with that said always wanted me to be as healthy as possible! And I think now they know I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been which makes them proud and makes me determined to stay on this pathway!


What favourite foods do you eat to fuel your body? And what is your weakness?


Eggs, avo, (the usual suspects after sweaty session), I am also a huge grazer so I have on me nuts, protein bar, the odd yogurt to avoid Hangry Gill! My weakness is CHEESE…. Ok and ROSE’ (most of you follow me on instagram I cant hide my love for food & wine in general) trying to balance my work which is in the hospitality space and my colourful social life can be a challenge, but I try to have some good boundaries in place when I feel it’s to much!


What stops you from training and how do you overcome it and get back out there?

My Job is quite physical with long hours on my feet so it makes it hard on occasion for me to survive on 5 hours sleep and give my all in training, my bosses are super supportive of my consistency around fitness and together we try & create a good roster to make sure I can train at least 4 times a week. I have added in running to my schedule 2-3 times a week, which I can do around work, bootcamp and sleep! If anything it’s 30 minutes of cardio and I feel back on top!


What are the biggest wins you’ve achieved since training with Bridge?


I can run 10km and love it! Lift weights and love it. Do tuck jumps and love it. (Hate Burpees sorry Bridge) The biggest win for me is winning back my self-esteem and wellbeing. My headspace was so cluttered and weighed down by negative thoughts I had about my body and self, being part of Bridge Fitness has taught me there is more that represents me than the numbers on the scale! I am learning to accept this!


What’s your next challenge?


Half Marathon In Run Melbourne 2019


One piece of life advice you’d like to share?


“ An ambitious woman is defined not by her wins, but how she rises when she falls”


Thank you Team Bridge for putting the pep back in my step!





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