Monthly Super Woman

Alex – Super Woman

Alex - Super Woman

Morning ladies,

I just want to shout out and say there are so many awesome things going on at the moment that not everyone knows about. I want to let you all know the awesome progress that’s happening behind closed doors!

So going forward we will pick out a monthly super woman who can help inspire us all to continue on and stick with the plan!

This week I want to shine the light on our lovely Alex who is absolutely smashing it! Last week she was on night duty and she smashed out 4 training sessions and has been sticking to her healthy eating and feeling awesome! Not to mention she has lost 20cm off her waist!

That’s 4 training sessions on no sleep! Now that’s motivation, determination and sticking to your goals no matter what gets in your way!

So well done Alex! Keep smashing it! We all can’t wait to see your progress and keep inspiring us some more!

I’ve asked Alex to post up some info on how she is feeling after sticking to her macros and how she is benefiting from training and working with us to help her reach her goals. So stay tuned for some insights from Alex this week 🙂

Let’s all aim for an awesome week ahead! I want to see everyone’s name up here over the next few months so make sure you shout out if u need help on your fitness journey! That’s what we are here for!

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