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Elwood Beach HIIT

What our girls say

  • bridgefitness-testimonial_lilly
    I’m totally addicted to Bridge Fitness. She provides me with friendly, personalised training.
  • bridgefitness-testimonial_alex
    With bridge fitness I found a place I could not only do amazing workouts that are varied and challenging but could also meet amazing woman who become your community and support.
  • bridgefitness-testimonial_mari
    Such a vibrant and energetic group of girls with incredible trainers. The workouts always change so you never get bored with the same routine. Bridge and Hannah concentrate on each person individually so you get the personal attention in a fun group setting. Always a good laugh and a great workout!

Meet the team

  • bridgefitness-team_bridgette
    Bridge Carter
    Bridge has a knack for making people fall in love with fitness, create healthier habits for themselves and still enjoy the great things in life.
  • Trainer-Megan
    Megan Waters
    Megan started out her journey in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor 4 years ago. Over the last few years, Megan has developed her skill set as an instructor while working across a number of different gyms and F45 studios based in both VIC & NT. She is most passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through proper nutrition and movement.
  • beth
    Beth Walis
    Beth began her yoga journey 18 years ago in the mountains of the Himalayas with a tiny book full of yoga poses that she found in a bookshop in India. Since then Beth has practised many different types of yoga and that while yes she can whip out some amazing asanas she now realises that the practice itself is more about helping to calm her busy mind.
  • meg
    Meg Hugall
    Meg discovered yoga 15 years ago, beginning her practice with Paul Wooden at Gertrude street Yoga in Fitzroy. Initially just loving the chance to slow down and connect, my practice has since evolved into a strong dedication to the ever-changing nature of yoga both physically and spiritually. Meg is a dedicated mother, lover of exercise, music and dance she embraces the challenge and joy of weaving a healing yoga practice into the fun and chaos of everyday life.

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