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We have created an environment to empower all kinds of women. We give you the knowledge and tools so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, all whilst being in a supportive team environment.

We have the best bunch of fitness ladies, who are supportive and always there to work hard but can have a good laugh at the same time.

Are you ready to uplift your mind, body and your butt?

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Bridge Fitness Elwood

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Time to take control of your health and fitness. Learn new habits around nutrition, and keeping fit and healthy.

Have a dedicated coach to help you get results and a fit girl tribe to make you smile during the sweat sessions!

Bridge Fitness Elwood

Indoor/Outdoor Sessions

Over the cooler months we train inside the Elwood Angling Club with the most beautiful view of the beach. During the warmer months, we are outside on the stunning Elwood Foreshore.

What our girls say

  • bridgefitness-testimonial_lilly
    I’m totally addicted to Bridge Fitness. She provides me with friendly, personalised training.
  • bridgefitness-testimonial_alex
    With bridge fitness I found a place I could not only do amazing workouts that are varied and challenging but could also meet amazing woman who become your community and support.
  • bridgefitness-testimonial_mari
    Such a vibrant and energetic group of girls with incredible trainers. The workouts always change so you never get bored with the same routine. Bridge and Hannah concentrate on each person individually so you get the personal attention in a fun group setting. Always a good laugh and a great workout!

How we like to sweat


HIIT / Cardio

High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) and our signature Cardio Challenges are the best way to get your heart pumping, so you feel amazing and really get your body working for you all day long!

Bridge Fitness Elwood


Using weights through functional body movements to build strength for posture, get stronger so you can lift heavy things, burn more body fat and build your best booty ever.

Bridge Fitness Elwood


The right balance of strength & cardio put together. Boxing for fitness is the perfect all over body workout, great to get your heart pumping & burn lots of calories.

Bridge Fitness Elwood


To stretch, realign and refresh the mind and body we have Bridge Fitness yoga sessions at the end of each busy week.

Meet the team

  • bridgefitness-team_bridgette
    Bridge Carter
    Bridge has a knack for making people fall in love with fitness, create healthier habits for themselves and still enjoy the great things in life.
  • bridgefitness-team_hannah
    Hannah Owens
    Hannah loves training people and having variety in her workouts. With a strong background in swimming and triathlon coaching Hannah’s workouts are loads of fun.
  • bridgefitness-team_penny
    Penny Lavery
    Penny has a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. She has been strength training since 2013 and loves to incorporate Pilates and HIIT training into her workouts.

Join our fit girl tribe

Elwood’s favorite all girls boot camp. We train, we laugh and most importantly we support each other to get results. You’ll fall in love with fitness when you train with Bridge Fitness! So what are you waiting for… join the Fit Girl Tribe!

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