August – Super Fit Girl

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So this month has to go to the one and only Mari she is an absolute legend, such a superstar at training always and an inspiration to us all!

Thanks for always being so hard working, positive, friendly, competitive, fun and always smiling! Never complains when gets told to do a burpee and actually wants to do a fitness assessment! haha! You are just awesome! Love your energy and wish you all the best over in LA!

We had a chat with Mari so here is the low down with all her tips for staying super fit, and super awesome!

How did you first hear about Bridge Fitness?

I came across Bridge on Instagram after searching so many Bootcamp’s in the area. I spoke to bridge the first time, we laughed so hard my abs hurt so I knew it was the place to get fit! 

What is your favourite thing about training with Bridge Fitness?

Every class is so different, you never have the same boring routine!  Hannah, Penny and Bridge have made it such a fun workout environment that you don’t feel like your working out but you end up forgetting your burning calories! It became my community of moms and friends with likeminded goals. 

What motivates you to be so awesome? 

Ha! I’m far from being so awesome but I do set myself high goals within reach. After becoming a mom and running my own business, I have had to learn to believe in myself and my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Set goals and go smash them! Then set higher ones. 

What favourite foods do you eat to fuel your body? And what is your weakness?

Favorite food is probably Green Smoothie ( from COMBI if I’m feeling lucky) I love big salads with lots of fresh veggies and I always make sure to hydrate! Especially when I have doubled up on coffee I will force myself to drink double in water. My weakness is over the weekend since I love to bake, I love the batter so I’ll bake to Taste and never eat it once it’s baked. I try to limit sweets to the weekend and we do this in our family so it works really well for my kids and hubby! 

What stops you from training and how do you overcome it and get back out there?

I’m not going to lie, It’s very hard to get back onto routine once you’ve fallen off and taken a break. I find over school holidays when the kids are home it’s really hard to get up and get out while everyone’s sleeping in but I end up feeling so much better after so I push myself to get to that point. I let the team know I’m struggling to get out ( yes bridge will msg you at 5:36 am to GET UP NOW!) I see my energy levels drop and that’s probably what gets me back every time! 

What are the biggest wins you’ve achieved since training with Bridge?

I ran the full marathon in October this year! I have gained so much confidence in my personal self and feel stronger every day! Finally, became pregnant with our 4th baby while training (the air in Elwood has made this bridge baby) 

What’s your next challenge?

To pop out a healthy baby with no complications and get back to my pre-baby bridge strength. 

One piece of life advice you’d like to share?

Don’t take life too seriously!

If you believe in yourself and work on what you were put in this world to do than nothing can stop you. Always be positive and I always tell my kids to love everyone the same way you love yourself! 

Lastly you have the ability to change everyone around you, every morning I woke up to this team and came home to my Personal team of kids, when you set the tone to be positive and confident, even if you have to fake it so early in the morning it will eventually soak in and you will end up awesome all around! 

I will miss seeing you girls around the early morning and will be back often to visit. I’m currently looking for a BRIDGE FITNESS replacement team in la and there is honestly nothing like it! 

Keep it up girls! Your all amazing 💪🏻 

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