It’s a Girls Night

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We love getting together to celebrate any chance we get! But on this occasion, we combined 3 partays into one AMAZING night out!

  • Bridge Fitness 5th Birthday
  • Hannah’s Goodbye
  • Super Early End of Year Party

Cannot believe Bridge Fitness is now in its 5th year of operation and still going strong all thanks to you lovely ladies!

And it saddens me to say that after 3 awesome years, the lovely Hannah is leaving us to go up to Stradbroke Island. Such a talented trainer and a great friend! We are going to miss her soo very much 🙁

End of the year gets soo busy these days with work/family/friend parties so we thought it would be nice to celebrate it early this year with one big bash!

Check out all the awesome photos! And hopefully, you will be joining us at our next event 🙂




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