March Sugar Challenge



Today is the first day of the next 6 week challenge. Reassess your priorities and get your head in the right space to get even fitter and healthier!

With all this buzzzz from ‘That Sugar Film’ set yourself a target this week to cut out sugar and see yourself start to feel even better 🙂

For those of you who wanted to know more about carbohydrate. We use carbs/sugars for fuel/energy. So if you think of your body like a car. We know that our cars run better with premium fuel – you get better kilometers and it keeps your engine running better and cleaner. It’s the same with your food carbohydrates (fuel) and your body is the engine! If we chose our carbs smartly we will have more energy and our body will be cleaner and function better.

So what are the best carbs to keep your body fueled up and running at its optimum? You want to go for complex carbohydrates like veggies, quinoa and whole fruit and grains. And steer well away from simple carbohydrates. Things that have been processed. So all white products, bread, white rice, and anything pretty much in a packet.

Your task for the rest of this month is to choose only GOOD carbs!

Let me know how you go:)

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Bridgette Carter

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