Keen-wa or Quinoa ??



Yes I’m one of these Keen-wa people! I was a skeptic about the new food fad – but I’ve seen the light – AND learnt how to say it properly!!

So what is this lovely little puff of deliciousness with the ridiculous name?  Seeing you asked, I’ll tell you!
It’s an ancient little beauty, and it is all that it’s cracked up to be.  It been around in South America for thousands of years – and is a seed rather than a (carb loaded) grain.
They call it a super food because of all its goodness – *high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus & iron, plus 8 essential amino acids required for good health and repair. But the real reason I love this little seed is because it makes me feel awesome every time I eat it. And for someone like me who needs a serious amount of fuel to do what I do, the super properties of Keen- wa really light me up and give me a bucket load of energy.
One recipe that I love at the moment is poached chicken, broccolini & pesto Keen-wa (gluten-free). You can find it here – **
I always make double the amount,  so enough for dinner AND lunch.
So, what would you give me for this in the Masterchef kitchen?
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Bridgette Carter

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