Food For Friday


Friday nights are lazy nights for me, so the temptation to get take away is way high!

I’ve found that if I plan my night around making food fun, my perception changes and I am happy to cook and stay in.

So here is just one of the Food For Friday recipes I use to spice things up in the kitchen. Really tasty, lots of colour, super healthy and great to make for friends without ever feeling guilty.

Friday Snapper Tacos

– Snapper fillets cooked with garlic, chilli and lime
– Tomatoes chopped with red onion
– Spinach leaves, purple cabbage and coriander
– Avocado smashed with salt and lime
– Greek yoghurt with garlic and lime, salt and pepper
– Jalapeños for extra spice
– Organic tacos cooked lightly with some olive oil in the pan


Give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂

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