Get Fit in 20 minutes!


Get Fit in 20 minutes!
So you don’t have enough time to workout?

My question to you is… “Do you have time to watch TV?”
Or could you get out of bed 20min earlier each day?”

I’m guessing you can!

Here is a nice full body 20 min workout that you can do anywhere at home that will get your heart pumping, leaving you feeling awesome for the rest of the day.

20mins on the timer and DON’T STOP until your hear the buzzer! Go hard – I want lots of sweat!!!!

30 jump squats (or static squats)
30 push ups
30 jump lunges (or static lunges)
30 dips
30 V abs (or sit ups)
*Run to the end of the street or 200 high knees

Repeat 25 reps of everything, then 20, 15, 10 until you get to 5 reps. If you’re super speedy and finish before 20mins, go back up to 10reps, 15 and so on, depending on how big your street run is, you should be right!

So, find 20 spare minutes in each day to do a workout to help get you feeling fit, and looking great this Spring.

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Post up and let me know how you went!!


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