The Wedding Workout



So I got married last month and I want to share with you all the workout that helped get me into my dress haha 🙂

I call this the Iron Woman Wedding Workout because its really tough! I did this workout every week for 8 weeks leading up to my wedding!

So first things first you need to find yourself a nice running track. It needs to be between 200 to 300 meters long. It could be around your block or down your street or if you have a nice big oval close by even better. My girls and I run around the Elwood Sailing Club which is about 250m roughly.

So first up you run 4 laps of your run track followed by this sequence of exercises:

20 x Mountain Climbers

20 x V – Abs

20 x Burpees with a push up

20 x Jump Squats

Then head back out to your track and run 3 laps and 15 reps.

You keep going down in reps so 2 laps and 10 reps, finishing off with the 1 lap and 5 reps 🙂 Killer I know!

I want you to time yourself and each week you must beat your score from the week before.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a crack and see how you go!


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